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Carevium Assisted Living Software for Elder Care Communities

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Carevium Assisted Living Software is a web based Resident Care Management application for use by senior living facilities providing elder care, assisted living, memory care, dementia care, Alzheimer’s care, and adult day care services. Carevium is designed for use with mobile tablets at point of care.

Carevium Assisted Living Software for Senior Living communitiesAssisted Living Facilities (ALFs), Memory Care communities, Residential Care Homes (RCFEs, CBRFs, AFHs, etc.), and CCRCs (continuing care retirement communities) can use the Carevium assisted living management apps to plan, track and manage their entire ADL care delivery and medication management operations.

Starting from referral leads tracking (CRM) and resident move-ins to assessments, eMAR – medication administration records, scheduling, transfers, and move-outs, the entire range of care giving activities can be managed with minimal manual efforts.

ADL and clinical assessments, service plans creation and maintenance, incident tracking, medication management, eMAR / Medpass, care activities scheduling, care delivery tracking, alerts and reminders, census reporting, billing, and management reporting are some of the key tasks that can be easily automated using the mobile tablet based assisted living apps.

Family members and residents can also access the resident care information and get alerts and notifications using the smart tablet based AccessAnytime app on a 24×7 basis. When family members and caregivers are satisfied and happy with the care provided, senior living facilities and home care agencies are bound to increase resident census and retain residents from moving out to other service providers.

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Key Features of Carevium Application

Carevium Resident ADLs Assessment

Resident ADLs Assessment

Assess Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) using Carevium resident assessment module. Use it for move-in and pre-admission assessment and periodic reviews to set the care levels accordingly.

ADL assessment can be used to plan and generate Resident Care Schedule automatically.



Carevium Resident Health Assessment

Resident Health Assessment

Medical / clinical health assessments are time taking and error prone with long paper based documents. Carevium helps handle the assessment with customizable templates with ease.

Past assessments can also be viewed / printed with couple of clicks. No need to search the file binders!



Carevium Service Plans ManagementService Plans Management

Resident service plans and fee schedules can be maintained and updated easily. Resident Care Levels based on ADL and Clinical assessments are tied to the service plans.

Billing module uses the service plans for automatic and accurate invoicing.



Carevium eMAR and Medication ManagementMedication Administration (eMAR)

Medication orders – new, discontinued, updated – can be accurately maintained in Carevium Medication Management module. eMAR helps caregivers / med aides with accurate description of medications, strength and dosage information along with physician notes and PRN medication suggestions. Automatic alerts can be setup for over due medications.

Staff can update medication deliveries in a couple of taps. Vitals can also be captured and recorded during medication administration (med pass) time.


Care Activities ScheduleCarevium Care Schedule

Resident care schedule can be generated automatically based on the General / ADL assessments. Activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing / grooming, mobility assistance, night checks, housekeeping, etc. can be scheduled as necessary and viewed / updated in the Resident Care Chart.



Carevium Resident Progress NotesProgress Notes

Resident progress notes – daily, weekly, adhoc, etc. can be entered and maintained using Carevium application. RNs, administrators and medical directors can access the progress notes for tracking and further action.

Progress notes can also be shared with family members / caregivers as necessary.



Carevium  Resident AppointmentsResident Appointments

Assisted living residents will have a plethora of appointments such as Hospital / Doctor visits, Salon appointments, Dental appointments, Therapy appointments, etc.

These off-site and on-site appointments can be scheduled and monitored by staff.




Carevium Tasks, Activities and Notes

Tasks, Activities and Notes

Facility staff can setup tasks to do and general activities – not related to residents, and record notes for other staff and future reference.

Tasks can be viewed in calendar mode and reminders / notifications can be setup.




Carevium Vital SignsVital Signs and Weight

Vital signs monitoring and weight recording is a key activity performed by caregivers at senior living communities. Blood pressure, Temperature, Pulse, Oxygen Saturation, Weight, etc. can be recorded and monitored.

Alerts can be setup for out of range values for these vital parameters. Charts are also available to show current values and trending.




Carevium Prospects and Referrals TrackingProspects and Referrals Management

Carevium CRM includes a comprehensive prospect management and referral tracking module. Leads can be captured and tracked in a central place. Follow-up activities can be scheduled, managed and tracked.

Reports such as Leads by Stage, Leads by Status, Leads by Class, Leads by Source Group, Leads by Referral Source, etc. can be viewed with live data.


Carevium Marketing Contacts and ActivitiesMarketing Contacts and Activities Tracking

Carevium CRM also includes a marketing contacts management and marketing activities / tasks / notes module. Marketing Calendar provides a quick view of planned and pending marketing task.

Alert notifications can also be setup for marketing activities.



Carevium Billing and QuickBooks IntegrationBilling, ACH Payment Processing, QuickBooks Integration

Carevium includes a billing module to automate the move-in, move-out, monthly billing and adhoc billing processes. Invoice payments can also be captured from residents’ bank accounts via ACH electronic check processing.

Based on the service plans and lease agreements, invoices can be generated automatically avoiding manual errors.



Carevium Alerts Reminders Notifications

Alerts and Notifications

Carevium software includes comprehensive alerts and notifications option for both staff members and family caregivers. The alerts are fully customizable for each facility.

Alert notifications can be delivered via SMS text, push notifications or email messages.



Carevium Incident Tracking

Incident Log and Tracking

Incident within the facility can be logged quickly and maintained for future reference.

Document copies such as resident face sheet, medications, allergies, assessments, vital sign readings, etc. can be printed quickly without searching the resident information binders.

Past incident reports can be viewed quickly.


Carevium Staff Scheduling Management


Staff Management and Scheduling

Carevium supports comprehensive staff profile management and work scheduling features. Features include staff profile maintenance, alerts and preferences setup, shift or hours based scheduling, resident – staff association, training programs logging, and schedule views.



Carevium Resident Census and Reports

Resident Census and Reports

Carevium senior living software includes a number of real time reports such as resident census, occupancy, billing summary, resident roster, etc.

Reports can be saved as PDF documents on a PC or printed to the printer. Data can also be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets or CSV (comma separated value) files.


Carevium Family Users Access

Family Users Access

Family members and caregivers can be provided with required access to the senior care information such as activities, billing, medications, vital signs, etc.

Each facility administrator can control what they can share with the family caregivers to keep them posted with their loved one’s activities and status.


Carevium Resident Roster and ReportingCorporate Dashboard

Corporate organizations with multiple facility locations or owners with multiple residential care homes can get consolidated reports on resident census, occupancy, move-ins, move-outs, prospects, marketing activities, etc.

All reports include graphical charts for easy reading and quick grasp of the overview.



Carevium Health Devices Apps IntegrationHealth Monitoring Devices Integration

In addition to the manual recording of vital signs readings, Carevium supports integration with multiple mHealth / digital health monitoring devices such as Oximeters, Glucometers, Blood Pressure Monitors, smart Scales, etc. The health readings will be directly fed into the Carevium database avoiding manual entry and reducing manual errors.

Currently Withings, Qualcomm, iHealth, Validic devices / applications / devices are supported.


Carevium Documents Cloud Storage and AccessDocuments Storage and Access

Resident documents such as agreements, wills, power of attorneys, physician documents, lab documents, etc. can be scanned and stored in the Carevium cloud for secure storage and quick access.

Facility administration and staff related digital document copies also can be stored in the Carevium cloud module and accessed quickly.


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Senior Living Communities

Assisted living communities and senior care homes can avoid duplicate paperwork by using the Carevium Assisted Living software - Resident Care Management App. It helps automate manual activities from move-in to day-to-day care management to ADL and clinical assessments. Staff can save significant amount of admin time and focus on residents' care activities. View census and management reports in real time! Family members can be in touch with their loved ones. Caregivers need not re-enter data; relevant information will be made available on mobile app.

Family Caregivers

Don't worry if your mom or dad is living hundreds of miles away! Access care activity updates 24x7 on your phone. Carevium Family Caregiver App helps you keep in touch with your loved ones - if they live in an Assisted Living facility or Memory Care community or cared by a Home Health Caregiver. Use your smart phone (iPhone or Android), any tablet, or PC. Keep track of everything - whether the medications are taken on time or if the mild fever over the weekend has subsided now. Access Anytime from Carevium brings Peace of Mind!

Free Carevium CRM Software for Assisted Living Facilities

Carevium CRM is available FREE for senior housing communities such as Assisted Living Facilities, Residential Care Homes (RCFEs, CBRFs, etc.), Memory Care or Alzheimer's Care Communities and CCRCs. Supports PCs and tablets!